Guest Blog: LinkedIn profiles for high school students

May 05, 2016 Written by FIRST Alumna Callie Carbajal

blog-imageHello everyone! I am Callie Carbajal, FIRST Alumna, 2014 FIRST Dean’s List Award Winner, Central Valley Robotics Staff Member, and former Chief Executive Officer of the Buchanan Bird Brains Team 1671. Today, I am going to tell you a bit about how to create a LinkedIn Profile as a high school student. The purpose of your LinkedIn Profile is to sell yourself as a professional; however, everyone understands that you are a high school student, or you are recently out of high school and you do not have huge amounts of professional experience.

First of all, start with your summary. There is no science to this, but you could talk about what you would like to major in college, what you are majoring in college, personal interests, or any personal attributes that define you. For example, in my summary I give brief details about how I am interested in nano-engineering as well as virology, but as I am still in high school I do not know yet what I will major in college. I also have listed that I am on a FIRST Robotics Competition Team. This serves to provide potential viewers quick details about me and what sets me apart as a professional.

Next, there is the “Experience” section. Here, you can write the bulk of the details about your current or past positions and activities. I would recommend you start detailing your activities from the beginning of your high school career, unless you have been involved with impactful activities prior to high school. You should only include impactful activities that you have continued through high school. If it was a life experience that truly defines you, add it. Like I mentioned before, no rules. Under Experience add whatever positions you have held in various clubs, extra-curricular activities/groups, robotics teams, associated school bodies, religious organizations, sports, etc. Also, add any work experience or any internships, because it shows you have initiative to work hard. Make sure you also take care to add a description for every position you list. For example, not everyone knows the responsibilities of an FRC team CEO.

The “Awards & Honors Section” follows the Experience section. Here, you can add any awards and honors you have received. List all of your achievements—you have earned them! In addition, this section tells potential employers or connections what you find important in life and what you have worked hard to earn.  Again, I would keep this section updated only with awards or honors you have won in high school or beyond.

Following the Awards & Honors Section, there is a section called “Organizations”. Adding what organizations you have participated in shows you take an initiative to be involved in your school and/or community. It shows what is important to you.

Finally, I have some tips for those of you who want to have a LinkedIn Profile. This is not your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Your LinkedIn Profile shows your professional side; you should provide descriptive information about yourself that sets you apart, but keep it professional. Also, I advise you keep this page updated, and that you have a professional profile picture that is current. Also, have no shame. When you make your account, add everyone you know or who might remember you. They don’t have to connect back with you, but you never know if they will accept if you don’t extend an invitation in the first place. 

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