2016 Safety Animation Award Competition Details

Nov 02, 2015 Written by FIRST Staff

Hello teams!

It’s finally here: the Safety Animation Award Announcement! The topic for this year’s Safety Animation Award competition is ‘Working Safely with your Robot’. Every FIRST Robotics Competition team designs, builds, and competes with a robot. Every team also needs to work safely with their robot when it’s being built and tested, when it’s being moved to and from various locations at events, and when it’s being moved to and from the events themselves. Create an animation showing our community the best practices for handling the robot during these times! Your animation doesn’t necessarily need to show all three of these contexts, but if you can do so in a fun and engaging way – and in the time limit for the animation - please do. Also, please create videos in keeping with the medieval theme of the 2016 FRC season. This is not a requirement, but we would love to select, as our winner, an animation that highlights best safety practices while keeping within our theme. Get creative, and help keep your fellow teams safe!

The team with the winning animation will receive a trophy, be highlighted in an FRC Blog and in FIRST Social Media, and have their animation played at every official FRC event of the season.

Official information about the animation can be found on the FRC Safety Page.

Let’s see those great animations!



What file format do you want us to submit for our safety video for your projection equipment?

I was wondering how long the safety animation has to be?

http://www.firstinspires.org/robotics/frc/safety It can no more than 40 seconds long, including opening and credits

The hyperlink in the original blog has been updated.

This video is about how to be safe in the FIRST Robotics Competition

Where are we supposed to submit our animation and how do I get there?

http://www.firstinspires.org/robotics/frc/safety All th information you need is here.

where do i go to upload the safety animation video?


Hello, I was just curious when the winners & runner-ups will be announced for the 2016 Safety animation! 

When will the winners for the safety animation will be shown? Also how is the safety animation judged? 

Safety Animation Winners and Runner up should be announced within the next week. No later than 2/14/2016.

There is a team of judges at UL that are working grading all the submissions and will come up with a winner very soon.  

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