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2016 FIRST Robotics Competition Administrative Manual

Dec 17, 2015 Written by Frank Merrick

Hello Teams,

Please find the link to the PDF files of the 2016 FRC Admin Manual Sections 1 to 6 below. Section 7, 'Team Advancement' will follow shortly. We're publishing them as PDFs now because we wanted to get them to you sooner than we could if we waited to get these documents entered and formatted in our standard FRC Manual system.

I'll admit the Admin Manual isn't usually too exciting*, but you should read it completely through anyway, as it is important, and we do have some items of note this season:

  • If you look at Section 4, 'At the Events', under 'Site Restrictions', Section 4.13, you will see we're prohibiting the use of drones and 'hoverboards' at events. Whether or not those hoverboards really have a regular tendency to burst into flames as reported in the news recently, both they and drones can be safety hazards in our crowded event environments.
  • I think you'll like this one. We've enhanced our Section 6, 'Awards' to include the guidelines the Judges actually use in determining which teams earn those awards, so you can get a better understanding of what it takes.
  • I think you'll like this one, too. Also in Section 6, you'll see we're bringing back written feedback for teams submitting for Chairman's Award. We're still working out the precise details, but teams desiring feedback will once again be able to learn from judges what they did well and what they should work to improve.

We're looking forward to yet another great season!


*Unless you like reading a bunch of rules apparently specifically designed by the man to keep you down. (I'm joking!)


There is a typo in the admin manual.  In the awards section (section 4) on page 6, the award description for the "Media & Technology Innovation Award" is also listed for the "Judges Award."

Thanks, we'll get that fixed!

I know the blog is far from Q&A, but inquiring minds want to know in light of the hoverboard ban: What about that there Segway device?


Hello Billfred (not verified) Leverette.

We discussed that.  We decided, because of the anticipated ratio of Segway owners to hoverboard owners in our community for the 2016 season, and because the Segways have a central column that seems to encourage riders to park them more out of the way, against walls or other objects when not in use (instead of just hopping off them and leaving them where they are), that the Segways represented less relative risk.  That central column also helps make those Segways more visible.  This was a judgment call, to be sure.

Hello. Thanks for the release.May I ask if it would be possible that new documents (mainly Sections of the Admin and Game Manuals) be time-stamped. A simple date in page footers or title page would be really helpful following revisions. I'm not asking for a revolution, just a simple sensibility for users. Thanks for considering. Best wishes and see you all on Jan. 9th!

Apologies my delay in seeing to and responding to this comment. We didn't add a date, but we did add a version reference at the bottom of each manual section. Hopefully that meets your needs. Thank you.

Please consider time-stamping documents that are often (yearly or more) updated: Admin and Game Manuals sections for examples. The best would be a date appearing in page footers; at least a date on the front page. Thanks for considering.

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