"Behind the Design” Authors Documenting 2015 Robots

Jan 19, 2015 Written by FIRST Staff

Would your team like a chance to be a part of the next book about FRC robots? Have you read or seen the Behind the Design books that cover the 2006 Aim High and 2007 Rack 'N' Roll FRC seasons? Maybe your team has used the previous FIRST books as references. FIRST will be documenting the 2015 competition season with a book titled “FIRST Behind the Design: Modern Design, Manufacturing and Control of Robots.”

The book will address design with six chapters:

  • Computer Aided Design, Simulation and Analysis;
  • Innovative Design using Traditional Manufacturing Methods;
  • Three Dimensional Printing;
  • Computer Controlled Machining (mills and lathes);
  • Computer Controlled Cutting Systems (water jet, laser/plasma cutters, routers); and
  • Sensors, Monitoring and Control Applications

Five FRC teams will be profiled in each chapter to show how these concepts are applied on FRC teams. These technical chapters will be supplemented by vignettes of the impact of FIRST on individuals and communities. Content for the book will be solicited from FRC teams participating in the 2015 season, with specific submission instructions relayed to interested teams. Teams that are interested in submitting material to be considered for publication are encouraged to thoroughly document the team’s design process with photos (350 dpi resolution) and a narrative of the team’s experience.

Interested in learning more or being a part of this exciting opportunity? Email FRCBook2015@usfirst.org with your contact information.


Now that the book has been published, is there anywhere to get a digital version?

Thanks for your question.  Currently the book is only available in print format.  We have not decided yet whether we will make it available as an electronic book.

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