Website Transition and Blog Comments

Dec 19, 2015 Written by FIRST Staff

As we continue to transition to the new website with all its capabilities, we wanted to let you know that comments are live on the FIRST Robotics Competition Blog! This is great news for our community as we close in on Kickoff so we can continue to have conversations with each other in the public forum.

We have shut down the commenting capabilities on the archived blog (i.e. the site). Don’t worry, if you have questions or comments from the archived blog, please feel free to ask them on the program blog, and simply reference the blog post in your comment or question.

We know we still have a lot more work to do in order to make this website as rich with information as the archived site. We appreciate your continued patience. In the meantime, we welcome your comments to the blog!


Will the new blogs eventually have RSS feeds?

Yes, RSS is in place for the FRC Blog. The RSS icon is in the upper right. Note, RSS compatibility is a known issue with Chrome. We recommend that Chrome users view this info from google:!topic/chrome/LfDx3j4uYXw And install this extension:

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