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FIRST Alum Spotlight: Max Goldstein

Nov 14, 2018 Written by Max Goldstein, FIRST Alum

FIRST Alum Max Goldstein is building leadership skills as a FIRST mentor

Do I put my FIRST Experience on my Resume?

Oct 25, 2018 Written by Ilene Rein, Pounding Pavement 101

Whatever your FIRST experience is (Mechanical Lead, Business Team, Non-Tech member, Animator, Presenter, Team Member, Mentor, Volunteer, Helper), it is ALL applicable to a work environment.

FIRST Alum Spotlight: Hans Mueller

Oct 16, 2018 Written by Hans Mueller, FIRST Alum

FIRST Alum Hans Mueller began building hands-on experience and exploring his passion for STEM on a FIRST LEGO League team in third grade.

FIRST Alum Spotlight: Ricardo Delfin

Sep 24, 2018 Written by FIRST Volunteer Resources

FIRST Alum Ricardo Delfin is committed FIRST  Volunteer. 

FIRST Alum Spotlight: Rachel Clark

Sep 17, 2018 Written by Rachel Clark, FIRST Alum

FIRST Alum Rachel Clark learns new job skills as a FIRST mentor.

FIRST Alum Spotlight: Chelsey Roebuck

Aug 30, 2018 Written by FIRST Staff

FIRST Alum Chelsey Roebuck leads students into brighter futures.

FIRST Alumni Group: FIRST Alumni at University of Tennessee Knoxville

Aug 14, 2018 Written by FIRST Alum: Josh Witt

FIRST in Big Orange Country: Staying Involved with FIRST in College

From Robots to IT: How One FIRST Alum and Mentor Got a New Job at FedEx

Jul 03, 2018 Written by Jason Baker, FedEx

This year at FIRST Championship a FedEx robot roamed the hallways. It’s part of a growing fleet of robots used in our tech repair centers to help carry parts back and forth between technicians.

Applying for Jobs or Internships? These Tips Can Help!

Jun 16, 2018 Written by FIRST Staff

As FIRST Alumni, many industry leaders want to hire you for your problem-solving, critical thinking and digital literacy skills.  It’s important that you communicate your experience, knowledge, skills, and abilities on your job application and in your interview. FIRST Strategic Partners Dow and Qualcomm offer great advice on their websites to help you succeed. Here are just a few:

FIRST Alum Spotlight: Max Friefeld

Jun 16, 2018 Written by FIRST Staff

FIRST Alum Max Friefeld gained the confidence to launch his manufacturing startup, Voodoo Manufacturing.