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Disney, Lucasfilm, and FIRST Join Forces Once Again to Inspire Young Innovators and Expand Access to STEM Education

Jan 08, 2022 By FIRST Staff

Disney, Lucasfilm and FIRST continue their partnership to bring more hands-on learning opportunities and mentorship to the next generation, empowering them to become heroes, innovators, and forces for good through a new initiative, Build the Future powered by Star Wars: Force for Change.

Inspiring the Future with 5th Grade Teacher Kristin Jacques

Dec 08, 2021 Written by FIRST Staff

Christa McAuliffe’s “Teacher in Space” legacy has inspired a new generation of educators. Kristin Jacques is a former student of Christa’s and a 5th grade teacher in New Hampshire. Kristin shares what inspires her and how she hopes to carry on Christa’s legacy.  

Remembering “Mom of FIRST” Evelyn Kamen

Dec 02, 2021 By Dean Kamen, Founder, FIRST

FIRST founder Dean Kamen remembers his mother, Evelyn Kamen, who passed away on Thanksgiving evening at age 96. Evelyn was a schoolteacher who raised four children and inspired hundreds of thousands more through her classrooms and her contributions to FIRST.

Five FIRST-inspired Classroom Activities for Computer Science Education Week

Nov 30, 2021 By Tammy Pankey, FIRST Sr. Manager of Curriculum, and Libby Simpson, FIRST Education Director

Looking for activities to do with your students during Computer Science Education Week (December 6-10)? The FIRST Education team shares five FIRST-inspired activities to help you celebrate the fun of learning computer science in your classroom.


Nov 08, 2021 By Libby Simpson, FIRST Education Director

Explore the ways FIRST accomplishes preparing young people for the future through various STEM opportunities. STEM combined with transdisciplinary learning opens opportunities for deeper learning connections and meets students' needs to know and be prepared for the 21st Century world of work.

How to Reengage Students by Reinvigorating Your FIRST Program

Oct 05, 2021 By Libby Simpson, Director of Education, and Vinnie Rodino, Director of School Engagement

COVID-19 interrupted student learning. Now hands-on education is more important than ever to engage young people in STEM through team-based, project-based learning. We share ways to grow or reinvigorate evidence-based FIRST robotics programs where funding opportunities are available.

Inspire the Future: FIRST Educators Recognition Program Opens for Nominations

Sep 29, 2021 By Libby Simpson, FIRST Director of Education

The FIRST community is full of dedicated, inspirational teachers. “Recognition” is not only part of our name but core to our ethos; that’s why we've introduced the Inspire the Future: FIRST Educators Recognition Program. FIRST Education Director Libby Simpson shares how you can nominate an educator.

COVID-19 Update: 2021-2022 FIRST Season Events

Sep 17, 2021 By Chris Rake, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, FIRST

As we enter a third season of FIRST that has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, Chris Rake, EVP & COO of FIRST, shares more about our season plans, including event modifications and recent updates to the FIRST Robotics Competition Payment Terms providing greater flexibility.

Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

Sep 15, 2021 By Dr. Janell N. Catlin, Director of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, FIRST

Join the FIRST community as we celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month (9/15-10/15) and amplify the voices and experiences of Hispanic and Latinx American FIRST students, mentors, alumni, and corporate sponsors. Read more from Dr. Janell N. Catlin, Director of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion.

Q&A with Dean Kamen: Continuing Christa McAuliffe’s Legacy of Inspiration

Aug 31, 2021 Written by FIRST Staff

September 2, 2021, would have been educator and STEM hero Christa McAuliffe’s 73rd birthday. We spoke with Dean Kamen, founder of FIRST, about why he has been an unwavering advocate for carrying on her legacy of inspiration.