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STEM Gender Equity: Supporting Girls in STEM Without Diminishing Boys

Sep 17, 2018 By Domonique Bulls, Ph. D.; FIRST STEM Equity Fellow

Dr. Domonique Bulls, Designing STEM Equity Fellow for FIRST, shares what it means to collaborate on gender equity in STEM and why it’s important to ensure girls and women are provided with opportunities that meet their needs, interests, and experiences.

Young Changemakers on Creating the STEM Educators of Tomorrow

Sep 06, 2018 By Mackenzie Sicard and Danielle Newman, FIRST Alumni, Kell Robotics

Mackenzie and Danielle, young leaders from FIRST Robotics Competition team “Kell Robotics,” make the case for how the FIRST community can play a huge role in educating and inspiring future STEM educators and filling the STEM teacher pipeline.

How to Help Students Take the Lead in Their Learning Through Robotics

Aug 15, 2018 By Sherry Comer, Camdenton R-III Afterschool Services Director & Robotics Coach

Sherry Comer is the afterschool services director for Missouri’s sprawling, rural Camdenton R-III School District. She shares her strategies for using hands-on STEM programs to build kids into leaders who take charge of their own learning and gain skills to succeed in any field.

STEM: At the Crossroads of Traditional and Online Learning

Jul 16, 2018 By Donald E. Bossi, president of FIRST

FIRST President Donald E. Bossi explores how online and “blended” learning is ushering a new wave of opportunity for educators, companies and all of us working to advance STEM education to equip students with meaningful tools and resources they need as a foundation for a brighter future.

Teamwork Makes Machines Work: Young Roboticists Power Up Their Peers at FIRST Robotics Championships

Jun 29, 2018 By Jennifer Deauville, NVIDIA

Nvidia, a FIRST sponsor, highlights young roboticists who are exploring artificial intelligence and virtual reality through FIRST – including FIRST Robotics Competition Dean’s List Award winner Grace Lam, who teaches workshops for other FIRST students on deep learning.

Inspiring STEM Education and Life Skills via Robotics

Jun 21, 2018 By Donald E. Bossi, President, FIRST

Originally published on eSchool News, FIRST President Donald E. Bossi shares three lessons from FIRST programs and events that can be applied to any classroom to help young people grow a lifelong love of exploration.

FIRST Alumni Make Manufacturing More Accessible with 3-D Printing Startup

Jun 14, 2018 By FIRST Staff

FIRST Alumni Jonathan Schwartz and Max Friefeld co-founded Voodoo Manufacturing, a Brooklyn-based robotics 3-D printing factory, after selling their first company to MakerBot. They shared what inspired Voodoo, advice for entrepreneurs, and what FIRST taught them about engineering, and teamwork.

These Young Innovators are Solving Global Water Challenges

Jun 07, 2018 By FIRST Staff

A travel device that cleans produce. An app that helps families conserve shower water. A kit that tests ocean water quality on-site. These are just a few inventions from the 20 FIRST LEGO League Global Innovation Award Semi-Finalists, who will be honored in a ceremony June 21 in San Jose, Calif.

Reaching Students with Special Needs Using Kinesthetic STEM Programs

May 23, 2018 By FIRST Staff

When the STEM director for New York City’s special education district sought kinesthetic programs to reach students with special needs, she partnered with FIRST NYC to pilot FIRST LEGO League Jr. The program has proven to be a tremendous success, including an annual expo at the NY Hall of Science.

What 15,000 Kids Taught Me About Creativity

May 10, 2018 By Steven W. Anderson, Learning Evangelist, Speaker, Author

After spending time with FIRST LEGO League teams at the 2018 FIRST Championship, educational consultant Steven W. Anderson shares how authentic learning tasks, problem solving and collaboration allows students’ creativity to flourish.