SWE Provides $20,000 to FIRST Teams through 2017 Gender Diversity Grant

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) has awarded grants to 20 FIRST Robotics Competition teams for the 2017 season through its third annual Gender Diversity Grant, funded by the Motorola Foundation. Each team received a $1,000 grant in recognition of its focused efforts in creating equity, inclusion, and diversity on their roster and for including underrepresented and underserved populations in their recruiting efforts.SWE logo

FIRST is pleased to support SWE in order to reach our joint goals: Namely, educating and inspiring girls to consider engineering as a highly desirable, attainable career aspiration,” said Carla Proulx, Alliances Manager at FIRST.

The following FIRST Robotics Competition teams received grants for the 2017 season:

  • Team 234 “Cyber Blue,” Indianapolis, IN
  • Team 341 “Miss Daisy,” Ambler, PA
  • Team 585 “Cyber Penguins,” Tehachapi, CA
  • Team 597 “Wolverines,” Los Angeles, CA
  • Team 1557 “12 Volt Bolt,” Eustis, FL
  • Team 2642 “Pitt Pirates,” Greenville, NC
  • Team 3139 “Oxford Omega,” Oxford, AL
  • Team 3184 “Blaze Robotics,” Burnsville, MN
  • Team 3319 “Grissom Robotics,” Huntsville, AL
  • Team 3512 “Spartatroniks,” Orcutt, CA
  • Team 3667 “The Mecanum Knights,” Port Huron, MI
  • Team 3931 “Cockadoodle Dominators,” Chickasha, OK
  • Team 4201 “The Vitruvian Bots,” Hawthorn, CA
  • Team 4390 “ATA Coregears,” Dearborn, MI
  • Team 4471 “SPARTRONS,” Hollywood, FL
  • Team 4730 “Terminators,” Albany, GA
  • Team 4911 “CyberKnights,” Seattle, WA
  • Team 5012 “Gryffingear,” Palmdale, CA
  • Team 5248 “Robo-Saxons,” Hastings, MI
  • Team 6453 “Bog Bots,” Kelliher, MN

The grant-winning teams have committed to participating in SWE’s diversity awareness program, “Challenges in Outreach,” and to seeking collaboration with their local SWE Section by inviting members to team competition events. They’ll also submit their written Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) plan, if one exists, and promote D&I best practices with SWE in an online webinar and as a presentation for teams at competition events. The teams will also participate in SWE social media opportunities during the season and present a written season recap after the FIRST Championship.

SWE, which was established in 1950, is a global organization with 30,000 members. The organization has been a FIRST Alliance since 1999. SWE works to give both female professionals and students a voice within the engineering industry, empowering women to succeed and receive recognition and credit for their significant contributions and achievements as engineers and leaders.

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