Success is More Than Winning

For students on FIRST Robotics Competition Team 360, an unrelenting commitment to service is the thread that runs through everything their Mentor does.

The 2016 Woodie Flowers Award winner, Eric Stokely, never lets members of “The Revolution” forget that being successful is more than winning, keeping them grounded in the idea that being a FIRST team means having a positive presence on the field and working tirelessly to better their community.Woodie Flowers Award Winner - Eric Stokely

Team members also credit Stokely (pictured, second from the left) for their team’s industrious spirit and commitment to Gracious Professionalism. From the start, he has promoted student drive by pushing team members to take initiative and face challenges head on. His approach has helped create a team dynamic that fosters innovation and empowers the students to become leaders.

The connections the students develop with Stokely last far beyond high school. Alumni rely on him for both engineering and life advice. He even officiated the marriage of former Team 360 members.

Stokely never stops working to make FIRST accessible to all students. He encourages the team’s outreach efforts to develop the FIRST program internationally. In 2008, they helped to launch FIRST Robotics Competition Team 2905 “Sultans of Turkiye” in Turkey. Working toward establishing an official Regional event in Turkey, the team’s collaboration with a Turkish foundation helped make the first offseason event in that country a reality this year.

Through his service – to his students, the Washington FIRST Robotics organization, and his community – Eric Stokely has created something that will last forever. His legacy will live on in students whose lives he has touched around the world – and in the service they give to their own communities, following in his footsteps.

The Woodie Flowers Award was founded by Dr. William P. Murphy Jr. to recognize an outstanding engineer or teacher who best demonstrates excellence in teaching science, math, and creative design.


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