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FIRST Scholarship Provider: New Hampshire Governor's Cup

Oct 05, 2018 Written by FIRST New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Governor's Cup will take place on October 13, 2018 at the ALLWell North facility at Plymouth State University, and is open to all New Hampshire FIRST Robotics Competition teams. This unique one-day opportunity will provide 2018-2019 FIRST Robotics Competition teams an off-season competition with an extremely exciting potential reward for the graduating class of 2019 FIRST students.

2019 FIRST Scholarship Program is Live!

Sep 14, 2018 Written by FIRST Staff

The 2019 FIRST Scholarship Program has launched at - Make sure check early and often as we add new scholarships all the time and you don't' want to miss out! 

New to the FIRST Scholarship Program? Take a peek at our FIRST Scholarship Search Series from last year to get all the tips and tricks for maximizing your search. 

FIRST Scholarship Provider: TKS The Knowledge Society

Sep 04, 2018 Written by FIRST Scholarship Provider: TKS

The Knowledge Society (TKS) is selecting ambitious Canadian FIRST Participants ages 13-17 to expose them to cutting-edge topics like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Genetic Engineering, and Cryptocurrency,

FIRST Scholarship Provider: SpaceX

May 09, 2018 Written by FIRST Scholarship Provider SpaceX

Want to get a heads start on a dream job at SpaceX? ​Check out the SpaceX FIRST Scholarship

FIRST Scholarship Provider: Rice University

Apr 06, 2018 Written by FIRST Scholarship Provider Rice University

Rice University welcomes FIRST participants to Houston.

FIRST Scholarship Provider: Horizons

Mar 29, 2018 Written by FIRST Scholarship Provider Horizons

The Horizons Summer Internship Experience provides immersive software engineering courses geared towards high-achieving high school students, then we pair them with growing startups and companies to begin applying their skills. The program is for 7 weeks over summer 2018 and students need not have programming experience to apply!

FIRST Scholarship Provider: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Mar 05, 2018 Written by FIRST Scholarship Provider, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Maybe you thought we only care about planes and rockets, and you didn't realize we love robotics as well?

FIRST Scholarship Provider: Make School

Mar 02, 2018 Written by FIRST Scholarship Provider, Make School

Immerse yourself in a community that’s building software to shape the world.

FIRST Scholarship Program Community Resource

Feb 19, 2018 Written by FIRST Alum Peyton Fitzgerald

FIRST changed my life, as I speak to in this article, not just in terms of engineering, but also helping me afford college by connecting me to scholarship opportunities through the FIRST Scholarship Program.

Scholarship Provider: Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)

Jan 15, 2018 Written by FIRST Scholarship Provider, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

As a WPI student, you will do much more than study robots – you will build them, interact with them, explore their design and function, and push them to their limits.