Outstanding Public Service Award for Woodie Flowers Award Winner

Jun 05, 2015 Written by FIRST Staff

Dr. Earl Scime, 2012 Woodie Flowers Award winner, was recently named the winner of West Virginia University’s Eberly College of Arts and Sciences 2015 Outstanding Public Service Award. See all the details here. His work with FIRST was cited, including the insane 27 hour long FRC Endurance Event that took place last August - West Virginia RObotics eXtreme - hosted by his FRC team, 2614, MARS.

Congratulations, Earl, on this well-deserved recognition!

Have You Hugged Your Sponsors Today?

Not literally, of course. That might be inappropriate. But, everyone who does a good turn for someone else deserves a simple ‘thanks’, and it can go a long way.  If you haven’t thanked your sponsors recently, please consider sending them a note. You may even want to go old-school, with a hand-written note actually delivered by mail.* If you happen to have received a grant administered by FIRST,  like a Hardship Grant, a 2015 Rookie Grant, or a 2nd Year 2014 Rookie Grant, please remember that while FIRST administers those grants, they are only possible thanks to the generosity of several sponsors. You should have received an email recently from us detailing how you can send your thanks to them! Need tips on writing a great thank-you letter? Click here

Off-Season Events

What’s better than FRC? How about more FRC, at community-run off-season FRC events? Here’s an unofficial list. Looks like there are just over 40 events listed. It’s great to see so many teams wanting to put in the work to extend their season. If you haven’t been to an off-season event before, and one is close by, you may want to check it out, even if it’s just to drop by a few hours. They’re lots of fun! I’m hoping to attend Mayhem in Merrimack this weekend myself, put on by our friends from Team 166, Chop Shop, who have been graciously helping us out with the official FRC Week 0 pre-season event the last few years. Did you know that FIRST has an official schedule for off-season events, too? If you are hosting an event, why not send an email to FRCoffseason@usfirst.org to get it on the official FIRST Calendar here.


*In the United States, this is handled by an entity styling themselves the ‘United States Postal Service’. Unrequested, they come to everyone’s home 6 days a week, placing paper items in specially designed receptacles. They’re there and gone before you know it. It’s a bit creepy, now that I think of it. But really handy.

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