Elevating Girls & Young Women in STEM: Spotlights


This section features FIRST teams that are working towards equity, diversity, and inclusion in STEM.

Team Name: Green Girls FIRST Tech Challenge Team 7190


The word “Giversity" means giving back to the community while supporting diversity in the STEM fields. This word was created in 2015, when The Green Girls FIRST Tech Challenge Team 7190 was trying to come up with a word that encapsulated their outreach initiatives with diverse communities for their promote video. They were creating impactful words for 7 building blocks with one block remaining. The team felt passionate about the words giving and diversity when a team member suggested “Giversity” as a joke, but it really resonated with the team, so it became the official trademarked word of The Green Girls and The Green Girls STEM Foundation. The word fit, because the team was so passionate about their outreach with groups like the PACER Center for girls with disabilities, Dakota County Foster Program, and Spanish speaking middle school girls, for whom they created and taught custom STEM curriculum. As an all girls team, it was always really important to them that people who normally do not get exposure to STEM get the chance to try it out and explore it. They have also promoted diversity, and females in STEM and FIRST at the United Nations, presenting there for 3 years, with the most recent trip being at the UN Women and Girls in Science Day event where they had 5 presentations. 

Four years later, the word “Giversity” is still trademarked, and the team has not only continued their outreach, but have also expanded their efforts with scholarships and grants for diverse groups and students through their 501c3. The Green Girls STEM Foundation has raised $15,000 this season, to give away to support diversity. For example, five $1,000 scholarships are available through the FIRST website for diverse high school seniors, and college freshman and sophomores that were/are in FIRST. They also gave a grant to Green Machine, an all girls FIRST LEGO League team to help them fund their advancement to worlds, and will be giving grants to diverse MN FIRST Tech Challenge wild card teams this year and teams for next season. The team looks forward to expanding their legacy, and supporting FIRST’s equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts through their STEM foundation for many years to come even after they graduate from high school and enter college in the fall of 2019. 






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