When we say that 'FIRST changes lives,' we don't just mean the kids. FIRST can change your life, too. People who volunteer for FIRST as Coaches and Mentors have many different reasons for getting involved, but almost all of them agree that they get back much more than they give.

As a Mentor or Coach of a FIRST team, you are, through the kids, the key ingredient in the team's success. Your contribution to the success of FIRST programs and ultimately to the success of FIRST is immeasurable. Whether it’s watching kids grow and discover, witnessing shy kids blossom, experiencing the inclusiveness of Gracious Professionalism®, or understanding the huge impact FIRST has on all kids and our collective future, our Volunteers get and stay inspired.

We are truly a volunteer-driven organization - over 99% of the FIRST workforce are Volunteers (currently over 160,000 worldwide) who give freely of their time, talents, and resources to help our cause. Many are celebrating over 20 years as part of the FIRST community. Most Volunteers agree: it’s easy to get started, and impossible to stop! 

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