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Together with our sponsors, partners, alumni, mentors and volunteers, FIRST helps young people build a better future where they want to belong. The FIRST community empowers students to be good global citizens who understand that they can use their collective skills to make a positive impact in one person’s life, in their community, and even the world.

FIRST has a large support network including: 

Program Delivery Partners work collaboratively to create and maintain volunteer-driven, self-sustaining, and growing FIRST programs in a named geographic area.

FIRST Senior Mentors are both technical and non-technical individuals who bring with them a vast array of background and experience. They work in collaboration with their area's Program Delivery Partners and VISTA members (if applicable). Read more about FIRST Senior Mentors.

FIRST AmeriCorps VISTA members expand the vision of FIRST by working to support teams in areas that are underserved: lower socio-economic communities, rural areas, and areas that have little to no support or resources to be able to easily access STEM initiatives. The FIRST VISTA Experience is a short video to raise awareness of the VISTA program and mission. Read more about FIRST AmeriCorps VISTA.

Locate your regional contact(s) to connect with other FIRST teams, participating area schools, and local FIRST-friendly businesses.