Donate Gifts in Kind

There are a variety of ways FIRST uses donated good and services.

FIRST Robotics Competition Kit of Parts
One of the ways the FIRST Robotics Competition is unique is its Kit of Parts that teams receive each season. We deliver robot building materials, tools, software, and information to teams each year. Some items are picked up by teams at Kickoff in their Kickoff Kits, some items are available for credits in our FIRST Choice system, and others are available online via "Virtual Vouchers." To get an idea for items we’ve included in the past, please check out the 2018 Kit of Parts archive page. If you have items you think are appropriate for this application (new technology you want to showcase to all teams, excess inventory, slightly out-of-spec items, etc.), please contact us.

FIRST Robotics Competition fields
Each year, we design, fabricate, and ship competition fields all over the world. Suppliers needed for this effort range from raw materials to computer equipment – and are different each year. If you have items you think are appropriate for this application, please contact us!

There may be ways you can help with goods or services that don’t fit in either item above. Please contact us and let us know what you’re thinking.

Our FIRST Donor Privacy Policy can be found here.