FIRST Tech Challenge Grants

FIRST Tech Challenge Rookie Team Grant

Our $500/team FIRST Tech Challenge team grant is generously supported by the DEKA Foundation. This grant is available for teams in North America. Learn more or register for the FIRST Tech Challenge 2018 Rookie Team grant

If you have received a grant from FIRST Tech Challenge please send a thank you to our sponsors at: 

FIRST Tech Challenge Team Grants
200 Bedford Street
Manchester, NH 03101
Additional Grant Opportunities
Many states/regions have sponsor-funded grant opportunities for rookie and veteran teams. Check the list below to see if there are any grants available in your area.
The Arconic Foundation Grant is open to rookie and veteran FIRST Tech Challenge teams that are within a 25-mile radius of an Arconic location in the United States. The grant application will open on August 20, 2018 and will close on September 10, 2018. Teams will be notified of whether or not they've received funding by September 17, 2018. Please note that completing an application does not guarantee funding and that all teams should be actively fundraising and seeking alternate/additional funding opportunities. 
State/Region Grant Opportunity
 All FIRST Tech Challenge Rookie Grants
Arizona Arconic Foundation Grants
California Arconic Foundation Grants
Connecticut Arconic Foundation Grants
Florida Rockwell Collins FIRST Grant, Florida Power and Light Company
Georgia Arconic Foundation Grant
Illinois Arconic Foundation Grant
Indiana Arconic Foundation Grant
Iowa Rockwell Collins FIRST Grant, Arconic Foundation Grant
Kansas Arconic Foundation Grant
Maryland Rockwell Collins FIRST Grant, Arconic Foundation Grant
Michigan Arconic Foundation Grant
Minnesota Arconic Foundation Grant
Missouri Arconic Foundation Grant
Nevada Arconic Foundation Grant
New Jersey Arconic Foundation Grant
New York Arconic Foundation Grant
Ohio Arconic Foundation Grant
Pennsylvania Arconic Foundation Grant
Tennessee Arconic Foundation Grant

Rockwell Collins FIRST GrantTexas Workforce Commission Grant, Arconic Foundation Grant

 Virginia Rockwell Collins FIRST Grant, Arconic Foundation Grant