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Dec 19, 2014 Written by FIRST Staff

This is a blog about a game hint. It’s not a game hint itself.

Our friends at FRC Top 25 contacted us a few weeks ago and said how cool it would be if they could build a show around a game hint. We thought it would be cool too. After some back and forth about how we could get it to work, here’s the deal:

FRC Top 25 will be premiering a game hint on a special episode of their webcast at 9PM eastern on Monday, 12/22. They will have a pre-show before a hint is revealed, starting at 8:30PM eastern. I’ll be on the pre-show for a short time in advance of the release just to talk about our game hint philosophy and maybe why we’re taking this new approach to releasing a hint this year. I will not be talking about the game itself – this hint should give you plenty to talk about, if it’s something you’re interested in, on its own.

After this hint is released, the FRC Top 25 team will have some fun things planned around the hint, with special guests participating. Check their website later for more details. 

Just after this game hint is released on FRC Top 25, we’ll be putting it up on the FRC Blog as well under the title ‘This is a game hint’. But, the best place to see this hint first will be on the special FRC Top 25 show. 

We’re hoping this approach brings some additional fun to this hint. Hey, I was just thinking – now that you know when this hint will be released, you could get your team together for a pre-season hint party. Get some pizza. Pepperoni, please. No Hawaiian for me, thanks*


*Seriously now, slow down, take a breath, and think about the Hawaiian pizza concept carefully – you’re putting FRUIT on PIZZA. It’s madness.

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