A Story about Coopertition

Dec 08, 2014 Written by FIRST Staff

Please see the note below from our Kit of Parts Team:

I’d like to tell you a story about Coopertition, Gracious Professionalism, and a group of our Suppliers working together to improve the team experience, even if it might cost them some business.

Earlier this year, Innovation First International agreed to donate half of the CIM motors we needed for each team. That batch was received with no problem and was packed into Kickoff Kits. However, due to shipping issues, the other half of the CIM motors we needed were going to miss the delivery date for items to go into the Kickoff Kit.

The KOP Team called everyone they could think of in North America that would have CIM motors available for us to “borrow” for the Kickoff Kits. AndyMark, BaneBots, and Innovation First International came through for us, each one graciously sending every CIM motor they had in stock to our warehouse to complete the Kickoff Kits. Once we receive our shipment of CIM motors, we’ll use them to restock our Suppliers’ inventory. They should be at “full strength” prior to Kickoff. Until then, you may see CIMs “out of stock.” Now you know “the rest of the story,” and hopefully cut them some slack. 

Because of this effort, each FRC Team will again receive the full allotment of CIM motors intended as part of their Kickoff Kit. This example is one of many we could tell you about our Suppliers doing everything they can to help FIRST and FIRST teams. If you see representatives of our generous Suppliers like these, please thank them for the hard work and dedication of so many that make each season possible – it really does mean a lot to them and to us.

Thank you AndyMark, BaneBots, and Innovation First International – and all Suppliers - for going above and beyond to support the FIRST mission!

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