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May 30, 2014 Written by FIRST Staff

Have you taken a look at the FIRST Career page lately? We’ve got some job openings in FRC we’re working to fill.

We are looking for a Systems Engineer, who will work for Electrical Engineering Manager Matt Pilotte, and will be supporting the development of game, field, and robot systems. This position requires, at minimum, a BS in Engineering or Computer Science and five years of experience. See full details on the website.

We are also looking for a Kit of Parts Engineer, who will work for Kit of Parts Manager Kate Pilotte, and will have a wide variety of duties, technical and non-technical, related to the Kit  of Parts. This position requires, at minimum, a BS in Engineering or equivalent. Again, you can see the full details on the website.

Hold on! Don’t we already have a Kit of Parts Engineer, Collin Fultz? We do, but he’s transitioning to a newly created role, and one I’m very excited about – FRC Team Advocate. Collin will transition fully to this new role once we have hired a replacement Kit of Parts Engineer. In his new job, Collin will be responsible for ‘customer experience and engagement’. Translation:  he’s going to help us make sure FRC Teams have a great experience in the program and are being listened to. He’s going to retain some responsibilities related to the Kit of Parts as well. We all know how important the Kit of Parts is to the overall FRC experience.

If you know someone who may be interested in one of these positions, send them our way! Or, if you are interested yourself, send yourself our way!

Chairman’s Award Factoid

I just learned this week that in the 2014 FRC season, 55% of all Chairman’s Award winners at District or Regional events won on their second attempt, under the rule change this year allowing teams to try several times for the award. 


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