FRC Blogged - The 2015 Control System Request for Proposal, the cRIO, and Beta Testing

Aug 29, 2012 Written by FIRST Staff

Hello Teams,

What a busy week for the blog!  A few more things to share:

2015 Control System Request for Proposal

We have recently opened the search for a partner or partners to provide a control system solution for the 2015 – 2019 FRC seasons.  This is not in response to the Einstein issue – we started preliminary work on this project in 2011.  Also, this does not mean we are dissatisfied with National Instruments!  They continue to be a wonderfully supportive partner to FRC, and we wouldn’t be what we are now without their enthusiasm, hard work, and technology.  However, our current agreement with National Instrument ends with the 2014 season, and we have a responsibility to cast our net broadly as we look for a new control system for 2015 and beyond.  National Instruments has been very supportive of this process, and we expect them to be one of the companies responding to the Request for Proposal, which you can find a link to here:  /roboticsprograms/frc/frc-kit-parts-supplier-toolkit

This Request for Proposal was developed with input from our Woodie Flowers Award winners, our Control System Advisors, our Control System team, and other key volunteers.  We thank them for their effort and ideas.

The cRIO

Some folks have asked, with potential changes to the robot communication system for 2013, if the cRIO itself will still be used.  Yes, it will.  4-Slot and 8-Slot cRIOs will still be used for the 2013 FRC season.

Beta Testing

Deadline for applying to be a beta tester is September 7th, at Noon EST.  You can learn more about the process, and how to apply, here:


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