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Content Type: Volunteer
Program: FIRST LEGO League
Tags: Training, Volunteer

Observes team robot game matches, identifies rule violations, assesses field for scoring of matches, and participates in deliberations regarding contested calls and official scores. Position works under the direction of the head referee. Requires advance training and intimate knowledge of current Robot Challenge Game rules. Plays a critical role in ensuring smooth flow of match play and maintaining the pace of the event. Embodies FIRST LEGO League core values while monitoring and promoting sage practices on and around the playing field.

Benefits of the Position:

  • Surrounded by fast-paced action
  • Significant level of responsibility
  • High visibility role
  • Provides an opportunity to contribute to the successful execution of the competition

Required Skills and Experience:

  • Thorough knowledge of the competition game and rules of play
  • Ability to be tactful and assertive
  • Physically demanding role; ability to stand for long periods of time
  • Outgoing personality; high energy
  • Strong communication, diplomacy skills
  • Ability to collaborate with others and work as a team
  • Detail-oriented
  • Strong assessment skills
  • FIRST LEGO League experience and training required