Robot Game Queuer Jan. 20 2019| 0 KB

Content Type: Volunteer
Program: FIRST LEGO League
Tags: Training, Volunteer

Manages team traffic to and from the playing field. Queuers play a critical role in ensuring smooth flow of traffic and maintenance of overall event pace. May need to restrict access to competition area from unauthorized individuals. Communicates with pit runners and makes sure that the runners in the pit are rounding up teams that are not in the queue, helps keep teams in order and ready to compete. This person should be very aware of the schedule, and needs to be able to keep track of more than one thing at a time.

Benefits of the Position:

  • Provides an opportunity to work and interact with teams
  • Provides an opportunity to contribute to the success of the competition by maintaining pace
  • Significant level of responsibility
  • High visibility role
  • Potential to observe matches

Required Skills and Experiences:

  • Strong leadership, interpersonal, and communication skills
  • Ability to collaborate with others and work as a team
  • Self-directed individual
  • Physically demanding role; ability to stand for long periods of time