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Content Type: Volunteer
Program: FIRST LEGO League
Tags: Training, Volunteer

This person is someone who is comfortable with computers and can enter data from score sheets into either Excel or a scoring program. Helps facilitate the final ranking for awards, the announcement of the scores by the emcee, and display of the scores in the pit area. Prints out the ranking chart and delivers it to the judge advisor after each round. FIRST LEGO League headquarters will provide an annual online training of the scoring programs it provides and strongly encourages this individual to take the training in advance if you will use the scoring software.

Benefits of the Position:

  • Provides an opportunity to observe matches
  • Significant level of responsibility
  • Provides an opportunity to contribute to the success of the competition flow

Experience and Skills Needed:

  • Basic knowledge of the competition game and rules helpful
  • Ability to collaborate with others and work as a team
  • Excellent computer skills
  • Detail oriented; driven to achieve high level of accuracy