CREATURE CRAZE Season Materials May. 18 2017| 0 KB

Content Type: FIRST LEGO League Jr.
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These are the public materials for the FIRST® LEGO® League Jr. CREATURE CRAZESM Season.  

CREATURE CRAZE Season Challenge Set will be shipped to teams upon registration. 
Team Season Challenge Set Includes: 1 Inspire Set, 1 Team Meeting Guide, 6 Engineering Notebooks more information

Challenge Document - Learn the basics of what this season is all about!

Inspire Set Building Instructions - Once you have received your inspire set this is where you can find instructions on how to build it!

Guide to BuildToExpress - These are the activities to use with your BuildToExpress kits you purchased as part of the 2016 Starter Set or previous season's Base Kits.

LEGO Kit Pricing - This is where you can find pricing for FIRST LEGO League Jr. specific kits offered by LEGO Education.