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Global Award Shows

Award Show

Local Date & Show Time

UTC Date & Time 

How to Watch

2021 Game Design Challenge Finalists Awards Show

Content includes:

  • 20 Game Design Challenge Finalists and their game design concepts, and 
  • other fun content!

May 22, 12pm ET

May 22, 4pm


2021 FIRST Robotics Competition Awards Show

Content includes:

  • Dean’s List Award Winners
  • Volunteers of the Year,
  • Woodie Flowers Award,
  • Game Design Challenge Winners, and
  • Championship level Chairman’s Award Winners and Finalists
June 26, 12pm ET June 26, 4pm FIRSTtv


Local Award Shows

Below is a list of Award Shows that are happening by Region/District for the 2021 FIRST Robotics Competition season. These shows will announce award winners for all of the At Home Challenges as well as the Traditionally Submitted Awards. Be sure to tune in! 

Find your specific region/district in Table 5-1 of the At Home Challenges Manual.


Please note, this list will continue to update as information becomes available.

Region / District

Local Date & Show Time

UTC Date & Time 

How to Watch

Caribbean + South American Region

May 11, 7pm ET

May 11, 11pm

FIRST in Florida YouTube

Central Asia, Africa, and Europe Region

May 16, 4pm TRT

May 16, 1pm

Fikret Yüksel Foundation YouTube

China Region

May 30, 5:45pm CST

May 30, 9:45am

FIRST China Twitch or Douyu

FIRST Chesapeake District

May 46pm ET

May 4, 10pm

FIRST Chesapeake Twitch

FIRST Indiana District

April 8*7pm ET
May 137pm ET

April 8*, 11pm
May 13, 11pm

FIRST Indiana Twitch
FIRST Israel District

April 255:50pm IDT

April 25, 2:50pm

FIRST Israel Twitch
FIRST in Michigan District

May 152pm ET

May 15, 6pm

FIRST in Michigan Twitch

FIRST in Texas District Show

May 810am CT

May 83pm

FIRST in Texas Twitch
FIRST Mid-Atlantic District

April 10*6pm ET
May 156pm ET

April 10*, 10pm
May 15, 10pm

April 10th Show
May 15th Show
FIRST North Carolina District

May 77pm ET

May 7, 11pm

Florida Region

May 117pm ET

May 1111pm

FIRST in Florida YouTube
Greater Central Valley Region

May 1512pm PT

 May 15, 7pm

FIRST California YouTube
Greater Los Angeles Region

May 15, 1:30pm PT

 May 15, 8:30pm

FIRST California YouTube
Greater San Diego Region

May 15, 3pm PT

May 15, 10pm

FIRST California YouTube
Greater San Francisco Bay Region

May 15, 10am PT

May 15, 5pm

FIRST California YouTube
Illinois Region

May 125pm CT

May 12, 10pm

FIRST Illinois YouTube
Mexico Region

May 145pm CT

May 14, 10pm

FIRST Twitch #10
Midwestern Plains Region

May 1510am CT

May 15, 3pm

STEM at Uni YouTube
MoKan Region

May 13, 6:30pm CT

May 13, 11:30pm

FIRST Twitch #12
NE FIRST District

April 8*, 6pm ET
May 11, 7pm ET

April 8*10pm
May 11, 11pm

New York & Quebec Region

May 1511am ET

May 15, 3pm

FIRST Quebec YouTube
Ontario District

March 23*7pm ET
May 154pm ET

March 23*, 11pm
May 15, 8pm

FIRST Canada Twitch
Pacific Region

May 1512pm AEST

May 15, 2am

FIRST Australia YouTube
Pacific Northwest District

May 137pm PT

May 14, 2am

FIRST Washington YouTube
Peachtree District

May 167pm ET

May 16, 11pm

Georgia FRC YouTube
Rocky Mountain Region

May 137pm MT

May 14, 3am

FIRST Twitch #10
Southeastern Region

May 10, 7pm CT

May 11, 12am

FIRST Louisiana- Mississippi YouTube

Southern Appalachian Region

May 117pm CT

May 11, 10pm

FIRST in Alabama YouTube
Southwestern Region

May 812pm PT

May 8, 7pm

Turkish Region

May 24pm TRT

May 2, 1pm

Fikret Yüksel Foundation YouTube
Upper Midwest Region

May 13, 7pm CT

May 14, 12am

FIRST Twitch #13
Upper Ohio River Region

May 137pm ET

May 13, 11pm

FIRST Twitch #11
Wisconsin Region

May 127pm CT

May 13, 12am

FIRST Twitch #10


* Some districts choose to hold two award shows. The first show to announce district level Chairman's Winners and Dean's List District Championship Level Semi-Finalists. The second show to announce award winners for all of the At Home Challenges as well as the District Championship Level Traditionally Submitted Awards