Surrogate Kit Pick-Up Information

Content Type: FIRST Robotics Competition
Dec. 08 2015

If a team is unable to pick up its Kickoff Kit at the local kickoff selected, an alternate team may be designated to do so.

Archived Game Documentation

Content Type: FIRST Robotics Competition
Nov. 10 2015

Looking for archived FIRST Robotics Competition season? It's all here!

Technical Resources

Content Type: FIRST LEGO League Explore, FIRST LEGO League Challenge
Oct. 19 2015

Information about the technology used in FIRST LEGO League.

Championship Eligibility Criteria

Content Type: FIRST Robotics Competition
Oct. 15 2015

Wondering how your team can be eligible for the FIRST Championships? All the information you need is here.

Game & Season Materials

Content Type: FIRST Tech Challenge
Sep. 16 2015
FIRST Tech Challenge 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 Game & Season Materials