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Behind the Lines is a collaboration between FIRST Robotics Competition and RoboSports Network. The purpose of this series is to make key knowledge and resources available to the community through an engaging hour-long show. The first half will be a presentation by the invited experts, followed by a Q & A session on the topic. Each Behind the Lines session will be hosted by RoboSports Network (RSN). 

Who is RoboSports Network?

RSN is a group of FIRST Robotics Competition alumni and mentors who are dedicated to creating high quality media productions for the community.
To see their bios and photos, please visit the RSN About Us page.

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Please note: the views expressed by Behind the Lines hosts and guests are those of the individual, and do not necessarily reflect the views of FIRST or FIRST participants.

2017 Behind The Lines Schedule 

Episode 1: Friday, October 13: Spreading the Culture of FIRST

Episode 2: Wednesday, October 18: #SocialMedia #BestPractices

Episode 3: Wednesday, November 1: Scouting 101

Episode 4: Wednesday, November 15: Using CAD as a team

Episode 5: Wednesday, November 29: Designing for manufacturability

Episode 6: Wednesday, December 13: Vision processing

(Subjects may change) 


Wednesday, October 5th, 2016 at 8:00pm (Eastern Time)

"How To Improve Your Team with Steve and Gabe!"

How To Improve Your Team Presentation

Steve McKinney, Mentor, FRC Team 987
Gabe Salas, Mentor, FRC Team 233, RoboShow Orlando, Robot In 3 Days

Learn from the experts! Do you struggle with how to take your team to the next level? Check out this presentation about "How To Improve Your Team"! Steve and Gabe know their stuff...and now you can too!


Wednesday, October 19th, 2016 at 8:00pm (Eastern Time)

"FRC Volunteering with Jess Boucher, Former FRC Chief VC"

Volunteering for Fun and (Non)profit


Jess Boucher, Former Chief FRC VC
Adrienne Emerson, Mentor, FRC Team 148

Have you ever wondered what it's like to volunteer at one of our awesome events? Find out from our former Chief VC, Jess Boucher! (Thanks, Jess!) and Adrienne Emerson from FRC Team 148. You, too, can make a difference!


Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016 at 8:00pm (Eastern Time)

"Gender Equality and FIRST"

Mentoring for Diversity in FIRST

Gender Equality in FIRST

Andy Baker, Mentor, FRC Team 3940, President of AndyMark, Inc.
Adrienne Rime, Mentor, FRC Team 2946, Event Manager, FIRST Washington

Wondering how your team can be more inclusive? Don't miss this episode with 2 great experts!


Wednesday, November 16th, 2016 at 8:00pm (Eastern Time)

"Problem Solving Approach to Drivetrains with Clinton and Nick!"

Problem Solving Approach to Drivetrains Presentation

Drivetrain Decision Matrix

Nick Lawrence, Mentor, Team 3940
Clinton Bolinger, Mentor, Team 2337

Learn from the experts! What drivetrain works best in what situation?


Wednesday, November 30th, 2016 at 8:00pm (Eastern Time)

"FIRST Choice and the Virtual Kit"

FIRST Choice and Virtual Kit Presentation

Jerry Budd, AndyMark​

Liz Smith, AndyMark

Kate Pilotte, FIRST Robotics Competition

Learn from the experts! Do you know how to submit priority lists on FIRST Choice? Or how to look for items available? Jerry, Liz, and Kate are here to help!


Wednesday, December 14th, 2016 at 8:00pm (Eastern Time)

"Designing for Controllability with Jared Russell"


Jared Russell, Mentor, Team 254


Learn from the experts! Do you struggle with how to control your robot? Jared is here to help!

2015-2016 Behind the Lines Schedule & Recordings

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015 at 9:00pm (Eastern Time)

"Fundraising 101/Team Marketing 101"

Branding Powerpoint Presentation

Elise Cronin-Hurley, FRC Team 1902
Joyce Walters, FRC Team 1902

This session is geared towards Rookie FRC or new team members. Topics will include fundraising toolkit review, creating business plans, fundraising examples and best practices, branding your team, presenting to sponsors, and maintaining sponsorship relationships.


Wednesday, October 21st, 2015 at 9:00pm (Eastern Time)

"Alumni Programs and Applying for Scholarships"

Alumni and Scholarships PowerPoint Presentation

Michelle Long, FIRST Alumni Program Manager

This sessions is geared toward all FRC teams. Topics will include scholarships and alumni program.


Wednesday, November 11th, 2015 at 9:00pm (Eastern Time)

"Effective Prototyping Techniques"

Effective Prototyping Techniques

Andrew Rudolph, Robot in 3 Days and former mentor for FRC 1902
Dan Richardson, Robot in 3 Days and former mentor for FRC 1902
Paul Ventimiglia, Mentor for FRC 254 and Battlebots Season 1 Champion with Bite Force


Wednesday, November 18, 2015 at 9pm (Eastern Time)

"Applying and Presenting for Awards"

Applying and Presenting for Awards Presentation


Kristine Atiyeh, Mentor, Team 125


Wednesday, December 2, 2015 at 9pm (Eastern Time)

"Mechanism Design"

Mechanism Design


Lucien Junkin: from Team 118 on Intakes

Allen Gregory: from Team 3847 on Shooters

Adam Heard: from Team 973 on Arms


Wednesday, December 16, 2015 at 9pm (Eastern Time)

"Best Practices After Kickoff"

Best Practices After Kickoff

Ken Stafford, WPI and FRC Team 190


The guest expert is Ken Stafford for FRC Team 190, an original and sustaining team.  The show will focus on a great way to maximize your team's effectiveness in the first few days after Kickoff.  Ken will cover game and strategic analysis, brainstorming, and the creative process.



2014-2015 Behind the Lines Schedule & Recordings

Wednesday, September 24

“Things Every FRC Team Should Know”

S01E01 PowerPoint Presentation (featuring additional slides on Team 359's Organization not featured in the broadcast)  

Glenn Lee, Mentor of FRC Team 359
Collin Fultz, FRC Team Advocate

This session is geared towards Rookie FRC teams or new team members. Topics will include fundraising, budgeting, mentor/parent engagement, and what to expect for the FRC season schedule. This session will highlight resources and other information that are helpful for any FRC team.


Wednesday, October 15 at 8 P.M. (ET)

“Introduction to 2015 Control System"

S01E02 PowerPoint Presentation
Victor SP and Talon SRX Information Sheet

Kevin O'Connor, FRC Engineer
Brad Miller, WPI
Greg McKaskle, National Instruments
Mike Copioli, Cross the Road Electronics

This session will highlight the new features found in the 2015 Control System and provide a comparison with the previous system. You will also be able to ask questions from a panel of experts that assisted in the new control system design.


Wednesday, November 5 at 8 P.M. (ET)

"Motor and Gearbox Selection"

S01E03 PowerPoint Presentation (DC Brushed Motors & Power Transmission)
Ken Stafford's 2014 Motor Spreadsheet

Ken Stafford, WPI and FRC Team 190

This session centers around a critical component of every FRC robot: motors.  The expert will cover how to choose the right motors for your robot based on application, motor qualities, and specifications. You'll then learn the fundamentals for getting the most out of your selected motors by choosing the right reductions and gearboxes. There will be plenty of time for Q&A from teams.


Wednesday, November 19 at 8 P.M. (ET)

"Effective Team Communication"

S01E04 PowerPoint Presentation

Andy Baker, FRC Team 3940
Mike Corsetto, FRC Team 1678

This episode will discuss the principles of effective team communication.  Topics covered will include team building, creating expectations around communication, and conflict management.  Our experts will also share their thoughts on effective Drive Coach communication at events.


Wednesday, December 17 at 8 P.M. (ET)

"2015 Control System Beta Teams:  Best Practices"

Mark McLeod, Team 358
Jeff Clements, Team 16
Austin Schuh, Team 971

Join three Beta Test Teams, as they discuss with the 2015 Control System.  These experienced FRC Mentors will share their best practices and advice.  As always, this episode will conclude with a Q&A session with the audience.


Wednesday, January 7 at 8 P.M. (ET)

"2015 Kit of Parts"

Kate Pilotte, FRC Kit of Parts Manager
Jonathan Bryant, FRC Kit of Parts Engineer
Liz Smith, FRC Team 3940
Jerry Budd, FRC Team 3098 and FRC Team 5259

Join our Experts as they discuss the 2015 FRC Kit of Parts and AndyMark’s Drive Base Kit.  These experts will review the contents in the Kit of Parts and discuss how teams can use them during the season.  They will also share recommended resources and best practices.  They will also be covering the philosophy of the KOP, history, contents, and more.  The community will have a chance to ask any questions during the last half of the episode.  Don’t miss it!