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How To Resources

How To: Navigate FIRST Registration System, Adult

How To: Navigate FIRST Registration System, Student

How To: Youth Protection Program

How To: Kickoff and Kit Pickup

How To: Improve Your Season -- Build a Kitbot

How To: Sponsor Relations


Basic Understanding and Best Practices

Fundraising 101




About The Compass Alliance.

The Compass Alliance was founded by 10 teams from around the world with the mission of helping FIRST Robotics Competition teams sustain and grow. A growing Resource Repository and 24/7 Call Center give anyone of any skill level the tools to learn something new or learn more from anywhere in the world. Remote teams lacking mentors can sign up for a Tag Team to be their remote guide throughout the season, and Help Hubs pinpoint where to gain access to local services other FIRST teams offer. Hear For You provides the resources and tools to help teams and volunteers develop mental wellness on their teams and at events. You can learn more about The Compass Alliance, find quality assistance, and get involved at