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Ask an Expert Trainings and Resources

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New Technology Demonstration

June 2015

Thomas Eng, Engineer, discusses the new Android-based technology.
Gear Up with FTC in the Classroom Virtual Summer Conference

July 15, 2015

The Gear Up with FTC conference is focused on the theme of FIRST Tech Challenge in the Classroom, and while the content will be focused on classroom content and for educators, there will be useful information for the entire community as well. View session descriptions and access links to the presentations on the Gear Up with FTC! archive.
PushBot Overview

October 2015

Meet the developers of the PushBot Build Guide, Team #2843 Under the Son from Maryland! In this video they will talk about how they designed the robot and what it can do.
New Components Overview - Dive Into the New Parts

September 2015

Learn about the new technology, phones, sensors, motor controllers, and more!
Transitioning from FIRST LEGO League to FIRST Tech Challenge

October 2015

TweetChat about transitioning from from FIRST LEGO League to FIRST Tech Challenge and more at #FIRSTQA!
Using the Question Box

September 2015

Mark Edelman, Northern California Affiliate Partner, Game Design Committee member, and World Championship Head Referee discusses the Question Box and how best to utilize it in this training video for teams.
New Technology Series 3: Mounting, Prep, and Assembly

November 2015

Where do you put the phone? What's the best practice for mounting sensors? How do you best protect your robot during competition? Authors of the FTC Robot Wiring Guide and 2015 World Championship Inspire Award Winners Team #3595 Schrodinger's Hat spend time talking with teams about how to assemble the robot and wiring for optimal performance.
New Technology Series 4: Your Technology in Competition

November 2015

Learn all about the new Android-based technology and how competitions will work this year, including preparing for the event, what to expect on site, inspection, and support at the event.
Women in STEM February 2016 Women are just one underrepresented group in the STEM fields, and FIRST is working hard to change that. We want to help girls develop the skills and confidence they need to succeed, in whatever field they’re interested in making a difference in. Join us and the incredible group of accomplished women we’ve assembled on Thursday, February 18th at 5:30pm ET to learn about succeeding in STEM after high school.
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