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This section contains resources for FIRST Tech Challenge volunteer training and development. Learn more about becoming an FIRST Tech Challenge volunteer or view the complete listing of volunteer opportunities at FIRST. All volunteers must be screened as part of the FIRST Youth Protection Program.

Volunteers must create an account on and apply to the role. Upon application, training can be accessed from within the dashboard. Please follow these instructions to access training through the dashboard. If you have applied for a role but have not received access to the training, please email A separate confirmation of the role assignment will come at a later date. 

Please visit the General Volunteer Resources page for all the resources and forms you might need to get started volunteering for FIRST

To learn more about the different FIRST Tech Challenge volunteer roles, please read:  FIRST Tech Challenge Volunteer Role Descriptions

Control System Advisor
Dean's List Interviewer/Reviewer
Field Reset

Field Supervisor

FIRST Technical Advisor
Game Announcer/Emcee
Judge and Judge Advisor
Pit Administration
Tournament Director
Volunteer Coordinator
Wi-Fi Technical Advisor
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