Robot Transportation

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Feb. 14 2024

Information about robot transportation, including information for teams based outside of the United States and robot transportation exemptions.

FIRST LEGO League Challenge Volunteer Resources

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Feb. 13 2024

List of event volunteer role descriptions for FIRST LEGO League.

Event Music

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Jan. 19 2024

Our goal is to provide a consistent musical atmosphere for all FIRST events with playlists of music that inspire, motivate, uplift, and create a positive atmosphere that promotes Gracious Professionalism and Coopertition.

Archived Game Documentation

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Jan. 03 2024

Looking for archived FIRST Robotics Competition season? It's all here!

Regional and District Planning Guides

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Oct. 17 2023

This page contains the links to the FIRST Robotics Competition District and Regional Planning Guides.

Youth Registration System Overview

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Sep. 19 2023

Youth Team Member Registration can be completed through new Express Enrollment application (U.S. & Canada) or the FIRST® Dashboard (Global) and is for youth team members who have been invited to an existing team.

District and Regional Teams

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Aug. 29 2023

Wondering if your Team competes in the District or Regional Model? Find out here!

FIRST LEGO League Explore Volunteer Role Descriptions

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Jul. 25 2023

Event Volunteer role descriptions for FIRST LEGO League Explore

FIRST Dashboard Tutorials

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Jun. 05 2023

Everything you need to know about the FIRST Dashboard, starting with how to create your FIRST team. 

FIRST Live Video Streaming Policy

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Jan. 21 2020

Requirements and best practices that FIRST Program Delivery Partners and users of the FIRST Robotics Competition Field Management System must follow when live streaming events online.