Career and Technical Education

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Jan. 24 2024

FIRST provides opportunities for students to become well-rounded individuals encompassing student leadership, work-based learning, and career learning pathways. The combination of these opportunities are an essential part of Career and Technical Education.

Industry Certifications

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Jan. 16 2024

Many industry certifications can be used as stackable credentials that can help students show their potential employers the skills they have, such as mastery of a particular software or hardware component. Explore the pathways to learn more about the available certifications and learning opportunities for certifications through FIRST partnerships.


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Aug. 10 2023

Playing Field Archive - 2022

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Program: FIRST Robotics Competition
Nov. 18 2022


This page hosts content archived for the 2022 RAPID REACT playing field. Current playing field assets can be found here

Playing Field Archive -2021

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Program: FIRST Robotics Competition
Dec. 16 2021

Archived 2021 FRC Playing Field content

Technical Resources

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Oct. 20 2015

Technical resources for teams.