ANIMAL ALLIES Innovation Ambassadors


SpyDog5.6 Waldron, Arkansas - B.L.U.E.

B.L.U.E. (Blue Light UV Enclosure) is designed to eliminate car and deer collisions, which cost insurance companies 1 billion USD and cause an average 200 human deaths a year. Car headlights shine off a reflector on the side of the highway, triggering B.L.U.E. to emit a blue light that appears as a ‘wall’ to the deer, causing them to stop while the car safely passes.


R2-Bee2 Los Altos, California - Safe Hive

Safe Hive consists of a metal frame coated in natural bee-safe ant repellent that forms a “moat” around beehives to keep ants from entering the hive. The hive also uses wire mesh to collect dew overnight, allowing bees continual access to fresh water.


Blue Rays Naples, Florida - The Beekeeper 20,000

The Beekeeper 20,000 is a pop-up tent that can easily be placed over beehives on nights when pesticide spraying will occur. A mist system inside the tent helps call the bees into the hive without harming them.


AP CavBots Augusta, Georgia - The MOOd Tag

The MOOd Tag prevents cows and other herd animals from overheating.  Each animal wears the Mood Tag and thermo chromic paint causes a color change when an animal’s body heat reaches an unsafe temperature.  Color sensors mounted near the herd notify farmers of widespread changes in the herd ID tag Color.


TC Blockheads Neola, Iowa - TC BatClan

The BatClan is a bat house that mimics bats' natural habitat.  Each house has a monitoring camera and watering systems. It collects rainwater and safely stores it to help combat dehydration associated with White-Nose Syndrome, which has killed approximately 5.7 to 6.7 million bats since 2006.


Jasper County 4-H Gearbots Newton, Iowa - Calf Pacifier
The Calf-Pacifier reduces cross-sucking in calves, which helps eliminate sores and illness from bacteria when calves suck on unsanitary objects. The pacifier comes in two forms, mobile and stationary.  The mobile pacifier is weighted, righting itself when dropped to keep clean and allow the calf to pick it up.


*Team Phoenix Lafayette, Louisiana - FISH: 3.D.

F.I.S.H. 3D: Floating Island Sustainable Habitat is a modular plant restoration system that harnesses the natural processes found in wetlands to reduce nutrient load and restore lost floating wetlands. Customizable island habitats can be made using the MyLandMaker App. 


             NeXT GEN Oakland, Maryland - Bee Haven 

BeeHaven controls temperature to prevent the death of bees in winter. The BeeHaven structure uses a solar panel to collect energy, and through internal temperature monitoring, provides either insulation or ventilation.  Beehive status data is accessible online.


Titanium Beasts Ann Arbor, Michigan - Bee ALERT+  

Bee ALERT+ is a system of cameras, motion sensors, and an image processing program that monitors hive health without disturbing bees.  Images captured are sent to beekeepers' cell phones when positive for Varroa Mites, the number one cause for the decline in honey bee population in the USA.


Green Mustaches Grand Rapids, Michigan - Mustaddle

Mustsaddle is a “smart” saddle that helps accelerate the learning curve for novice horse riders by providing instant feedback on proper riding posture through sensors.  Mustaddle helps prevent back pain to both horse and rider.


*Team Gryffindor Chappaqua, New York – Vfly 

Bird collisions with person-made structures kills over 1 billion birds annually.  Vfly is a system that plays predator calls to disperse birds as they approach structures.  Motion and visual sensors capture images of birds approaching and identify the species of the bird, triggering a species-specific predator call.


Legos R Us Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada - Animal Deterrent System (ADS)

Sable Island in Nova Scotia is home to wild horses that are attracted to nearby buildings. The ADS identifies horses using pressure sensors located around building perimeters. Once activated, a high-frequency, sound (undetectable by humans) is emitted, which causes the animal to flee. 


The LEGO Force Westerville, Ohio – THRIVE 

THRIVE (Therapeutic Horse Riding Interventional Vest Equipment) provides disabled riders with a wearable cushioning device that is customizable and ergonomic, unlike existing saddles with painful metal backrests.


Tiger Pride Pryor, Oklahoma – BeeH20 @PpsRobotics

BeeH20 provides safe drinking water via a system of diagonal bridges, allowing a safe landing place for bees in the hive and deterring them from seeking unsafe water from other outside sources.


*The Hydrators Oakville, Ontario, Canada - H2O Post @thehydrators

The H2O Post (Horses Hydrating Outside) is an automated water post which monitors the amount of water horses drink. The post and trough monitor water consumption by using detectable tags worn on a horse’s halter.


Les Huskies 2.0 Quebec City, Quebec, Canada - Moulée-Matic

The Moulée-Matic is a non-toxic plastic spoon with food reservoir that can help people enjoy being around, feeding, and interacting with farm animals without any fear of them biting, licking, or transmitting diseases.


Black & White Celje, Slovenia - StayBW
StayBW is a system for dog owners to safely leave their dogs outside stores while shopping. StayBW uses a vacuum that can be attached to any smooth surface and features a carabiner snap to connect a dog’s leash.


BrickSmart The Woodlands, Texas - Water Multiplier 4000

The Water Multiplier 4000 is a boat propulsion system designed to keep marine animals safe. Its blade-less design is less turbulent (better for tiny zooplankton and delicate marine environments), and quieter (better for all sea animals that communicate with echolocation) than existing boat motors.


Periodic Pandas Westford, Vermont - Bee Finder

BeeFinder collects data based on native bee research mixed with free, open satellite, and geographic map data to find all the necessary habitat conditions for native bees. Data is used to create an individualized, easy to read map and habitat plan for a variety of locations.


Can’t Find that Piece Federal Way, Washington - Saving Animals from Windmills

Over 1 million birds and bats are killed each year in North America by windmills and wind turbines.  This whistle solution mounts on existing blades to deter bats and birds by emitting a pitch. 


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