FLL WORLD CLASS Innovation Ambassadors

Classy Cyborgs Aurora, Ontario - Treasure Box Braille Learning System (team website, twitter)

Classy Cyborgs

FIRST LEGO League congratulates the Classy Cyborgs on the formation of their LLC, their partnership with York University, and for winning second place in the Canadian Scholarship Trust Inspired Minds Learning Project in June 2016 and $50,000 CD to use towards the development of the Treasure Box Braille Learning System.

FLL & Beyond: 2 squared + 3 Santa Barbara, California - Raiders of the Lost Elements/ChemBattle

NDV Blue DragonBots San Francisco, California - SimuBot

Heschel RoboHawks Northridge California - The Word Ring (team website)

*Braille Boys & Annie Cumming, Georgia - Insta-Braille

*Team Storm Terre Haute, Indiana - ROY G. BIV Math System

Brick Ops Overland Park, Kansas - Lexi-Learn

Mann Master Builders Union, Kentucky - Safe Tackle Football Helmet

Fast & Curious Rockville, Maryland - SMART

Guardians of the Bricks Fernley, Nevada - String EaZe

RoboLearners Moorestown, New Jersey - HEARcules

Robrostorms Glen Rock, New Jersey - ConnectMe Classroom App

NeXT Generation Tully, New York - Bridge to Communicate

Robobenders Northern Westchester, New York - What is My Face iPhone App

Electric Eagles New York, New York - SocialQ

Robot Rights Dublin, Ohio - Math Magic

*LEGO Lions Austin, Texas - Haptic AppPlatform for Visually Impaired

Roboticons Kaysville, Utah - AllerScan

Robogators Team 2 Everett, Washington - Bridging Classic w/ New Teaching Methods

The Dark Knights Bellevue, Washington - ReWrite with a SmartWrite