FIRST LEGO League Jr. - Program Updates

In order to create a more globally consistent, quality and impactful program, we are excited to announce the following program updates:

WeDo Requirement: The WeDo will be required for FIRST® LEGO® League Jr., beginning in August 2017. We feel the WeDo 2.0 will provide the best experience for participating teams. Both versions of the WeDo will be accepted, and in the 2016 season, all LEGO Education options can be used by teams. 

Inspire Set: Beginning in the 2016 season, all registered teams will use an "Inspire Set" which contains a LEGO model related to the year's challenge theme. The "Inspire Set" is a starting point for the teams' project and model, and will be an integral part of their program experience.

Accessible Coach Materials: Coaches are the key to increasing the reach of FIRST LEGO League Jr. Therefore, Coach materials will be updated to be easier to use and understand, especially for new and potential Coaches.

Program Focus: Both LEGO Education and FIRST are putting a spotlight on the FIRST LEGO League Jr. program over the next couple of seasons. We believe that it is essential to inspire children in the sciences at such a critical age. We are developing ways to best support Partners in growing this program.

Have questions? Take a moment to look at our FAQ about these updates.