2022 FIRST® Robotics Competition Season Payment Terms FAQ


Below are some answers to FAQs related to payment terms for the 2022 season. See also FIRST Robotics Competition Cost and Registration 


  1. Our FIRST® Robotics Competition team paid fees to a party other than FIRST®, what are the payment terms?
    If your team is in FIRST Israel, FIRST Robotics Canada, or FIRST Washington, please contact your district for payment terms.   


  1. What are some examples of “circumstances beyond (a Team’s) control”?
    Examples include, but are not limited to, quarantine, restrictions on travel, restricted access to workspace and/or tools, weatheror inability to comply with modified Event entry requirements.  


  1. How are requests for Event Changes, Refunds, and Vouchers processed?
    All requests for Event registration changes, Refunds, and Vouchers will be reviewed to ensure the request meets the requirements of the Payment Terms.  While Teams may be asked to provide a short explanation as to the conditions that led to their inability to play, the intention is to provide broad coverage of circumstances due to the uncertainties of the continuing impact of the pandemic and other causes of inability to attend.  


  1. We only got one of our two initial district event plays.  Will we get an Initial Registration Fee Voucher for 2023?
    Initial Registration Fee Vouchers are issued to teams that had no official game play during the season. Teams that played at one of their two District events are not eligible for this voucher.   


  1. We paid an Additional Event Fee that is eligible for a refund due to Event Cancellation or Rescheduling.  How will the fee be returned?
    The Team must contact FIRST (by email to customerservice@firstinspires.org ) to initiate a refund request.  If the event was paid for by check, purchase order, or credit card, the refund will go to the original payer. If the event was paid for by a grant restricted to event registration, the refund will go back to the sponsor (grantor). If the event was paid for by an unrestricted grant, the refund will show as a credit balance for the team in their dashboard.  


  1. We paid an Additional Event Fee that is eligible for a voucher due to circumstances beyond our control.  How will the voucher be processed?
    The Team must contact FIRST (by email to customerservice@firstinspires.org ) to initiate a voucher request for Additional Events, which will be processed after the conclusion of the Season.  


  1. Can a 2022 Initial Registration Fee voucher be applied to 2023 Additional Events?  Can a 2022 Additional Event Voucher be applied to 2023 Initial Registration Fee?
    The vouchers are not interchangeable.  Initial Registration Fee vouchers are only applicable to 2023 Initial Registration. Additional Event vouchers are only applicable to 2023 Additional Events.  


  1. How will the Additional Event Fee refund or voucher amount be determined? 
    Each team’s registration and event attendance history will be reviewed to determine refund and voucher amounts. Order of play does not matter, only the overall number of unplayed events beyond that covered by Team Registration (1 Regional event for traditional teams, and 2 District events for District teams). If an outstanding balance still exists (i.e. the team did not pay in full)(i) any refund will be limited to the amount paid, and (ii) any voucher would be issued proportionate to the amount paid. 

    Example One: Traditional Team paid the Initial Registration Fee and an Additional Regional Event Fee. They attended one regional event, but were unable to attend the 2nd event due to circumstances beyond their control, and a replacement team was not available.  The team would receive a voucher for $2,250 (75% of $3000) applicable towards an Additional Event in the 2023 Season. 

    Example Two: Traditional Team paid for Initial Registration and an Additional Regional Event. They did not attend any events due to circumstances beyond their control, and a replacement team was not available. The team would receive a voucher for $1000 applicable towards their 2023 Initial Registration, and a separate voucher for $2,250(75% of $3000) applicable towards an Additional Event in the 2023 Season. 

    Example Three: Traditional Team paid for Initial Registration and an Additional Regional Event.  They attended one event, but the 2nd event was rescheduled to another date and the team was unable to attend the new date.  The person or entity that paid the Additional Event Fee would receive a refund for the amount paid for that event.    

    Example Four: District Team paid for Initial Registration, One Additional Regional Event, and an inter-District Event. They only attended one In-District event but did not attend the Regional or Inter-District Events due to circumstances beyond their control.  However, replacement teams were able to register in their place.  The person or entity that paid the Additional Event Fees for the Regional Event and inter-District Event would receive a refund for the amount paid for those two events.  


  1. Our Event was not cancelled, but the Event was modified in some way.  Can we get a refund or voucher?
    Events may make modifications to entry requirements, event structure and/or the event schedule due to changing pandemic conditions.  Examples include, but are not limited to:  
  • Change in entry requirements such as screening, vaccination, and/or negative COVID test results  
  • Change in masking requirements  
  • Restrictions on number of attendees, including the number of Team members who can attend  
  • Implementation of remote Judging  
  • Change to the number and/or types of awards presented  
  • Change from a multi-day format to a single-day format where Teams attend only a single day and play with a smaller cohort of Teams 

These changes are not considered to be Event Cancellation or Event Rescheduling, and thus are not eligible for the associated Additional Play Refund.