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Oct 02, 2023 Written by Collin Fultz, FIRST Robotics Competition Senior Director & Rachel Moore, FIRST Tech Challenge Senior Director




We are excited to announce that FIRST® Tech Challenge and FIRST® Robotics Competition teams will be able to use the non-profit program version of for free this season!

This year, the non-profit program includes access to one account with 10 free users and unlimited guests per team. (The details of the access available to guests can be found in this article.)

To get your account, start a free trial in the platform via this registration page.

Afterward, fill out this form to sign up as a FIRST® team.

To help new teams use the platform you may use's templates, video tutorials, and webinars.

If you are interested in resources directly related to FIRST, FIRST Robotics Competition Team #2231 OnyxTronix invites you to check out their video tutorials.


For direct support or questions about a specific account, please contact’s 24/7 support team at



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Is this a multi-year commitment to provide the product to FRC teams? We looked at integrating monday into our workflow a couple seasons ago, but the unstable to year over year support was enough for us to halt that project. 

The Social Impact team is committed to a continued partnership with FIRST. One of the great things about the new team accounts being on the NPO plan is that they don’t have to be renewed. So, once your team is set up with an NPO account, nothing should impact your license or access unless you need to add additional seats.

Monday is a good product, but getting our whole team onto the platform is a non-trivial task. Not knowing the longer term costs is enough to make us spend our efforts elsewhere.

Hi Riley - Thank you for your comment and we absolutely understand. Please check the comment above for more information on long-term use of


Which plan level are they offering - basic, standard or pro?

Hello - The plan is a Pro + plan. More details are in the "What features are available on the NPO plan?" section of this FAQ article:

This is wonderful to hear! Given FTC Teams have up to 15 team members plus a coach, is it possible for the 10 user limit be increased to 15 or 16? I understand their is also guest access, but given the definition of guest in the article, that might be more suitable for people that are not team members. Thank you!

Hi Ruth - The NPO plan that is being donated only allows for 10 free members.

Earlier this week, I signed up our FRC team for the Free Trial and filled out the subsequent form.  About how long will it take to be approved and the Free Trial to be changed to the NPO plan?  We are onboarding our team quickly and do not want to lose functionality.  Thank you for this opportunity!

Hi Ryan - The expected turnaround time for applications is 1 week (and hopefully faster). received over 200 applications after the blog post which has slowed them down a bit with the initial approvals.

Hi - we setup the trial and submitted the form over a week ago and have not seen the transfer. Now I cannot access our team project plan without the upgrade. Can you please assist? 

Hello - Please email They will be able to assist. Thank you!

I get an error when filling out the form to get pro features.

Hi Dawn, please contact’s 24/7 support team at

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