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Your Chance to Help FIRST with the 2017 Championship

Sep 23, 2015 Written by FIRST Staff

Hello Teams! We need your help!

As you know, we are moving to two FIRST Championships in 2017. FIRST HQ is forming a committee, to be made up of volunteers and FIRST staff, which will be tasked with making recommendations to Senior FIRST Management regarding these elements for the 2017 Championship:

  • What geographic regions will be assigned to which FIRST Championship as FRC teams’ ‘home’ Championships, including the way in which teams outside the United States would be included
  • A potential way in which teams may volunteer and be selected to attend their non-home Championship

The committee will be operating under the assumptions below. Changes to these assumptions will not be part of the committee’s discussions:

  • There will be two Championships in 2017 and beyond, in the cities and dates already announced
  • Each Championship will include all four FIRST programs, with similar activities at both Championships for all programs
  • Each Championship will be planned to have a similar quality and be a similar experience for teams and other participants

This committee will be working in October and November. All work will be done remotely, through conference calls and/or web meetings. We will likely have six or so one or two hour discussions during this period, depending on how our work progresses.

One of the volunteer slots available on the committee is an open slot, to which any member of the community may apply. Interested in helping us out? Please send an email outlining your experience in FIRST, along with the reasons why you think you would be a good participant on the committee, to, with the subject ‘2017 Committee’. Please send those emails by Wednesday, September 30th. We’ll make our selection and announce committee participants in early October.



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