FRC Blogged - Wild Card Slots II and Ask and Expert Call Postponed

Sep 24, 2012 Written by FIRST Staff

Wild Card Slots II

My post Friday generated a relatively large number of comments.  Rather than answer them individually, let me provide a little more insight here.

The purpose of the new system is to provide broader distribution of merit-based slots in situations where single teams win more than one Championship qualifying award over the course of several Regionals. 

With the limited number of slots we have for Championship, we had to make some difficult decisions regarding how many specific situations we could cover while still notifying teams quickly of their eligibility for a slot and ensuring we could keep the team count to 400.  Reasonable people can disagree about whether or not we covered all the right situations, or if we should be trading waitlist slots for merit-based slots, or if this provides appropriate consideration to teams attending earlier regionals, but I see this as a step in the right direction starting where we are, right now.

Also, let me put what I said in the earlier blog regarding pre-qualified teams in another way.  Pre-qualified teams, by definition, have qualified for Championship before the season has started.  There is no case in which qualifying for Championship before the 2013 season starts has any effect on this system.  So, if you have a question in your mind that starts ‘For Wild Card slots, what if a pre-qualified team….’, stop, and tell your mind that pre-qualification, with respect to this system, has no relevance.  Only performance within the season itself matters.    

In addition, as noted in my blog, District teams are eligible for Wild Card slots when they go to traditional Regionals, just like everyone else is.  Finally, teams given Wild Card slots will have the same shipping rules and privileges as all other teams going to Championship.


Ask an Expert Call Postponed

The Ask and Expert Call on ‘FRC Robot Transportation’, originally scheduled for Wednesday, September 26th, has been postponed.  We will get you updated call details soon.

I’ll blog again soon


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