FRC Blogged - Registration Opening, Bag and Tag, and Positions in FRC

Sep 26, 2012 Written by FIRST Staff

Registration Opening

Initial Event Registration opens tomorrow, that’s Thursday, September 27th, At Noon EST.  Still time to lube up those internet connections to get ready!


Bag and Tag

For the 2013 season, all FRC events (including District Events) in the USA and Canada are once again “Bag and Tag”, except Championship.

“Bag and Tag” means teams bring their robots to event venues themselves, rolling them in through the venue doors, sealed in a large bag with a security tag attached.  Bags and tags will be provided in the Kit of Parts.  Robots must be sealed in the bag by midnight local time on Stop Build Day, February 19th.

Teams are not allowed to ship their robots directly to or directly from event venues, under any circumstances.  If you ship your robot directly to the event venue, you may not be allowed to compete. 

If your team is not able to bring your robot yourselves to the venue, you may request an ‘Exemption’ to Bag and Tag, and, if the Exemption is granted, FIRST will arrange for robot transportation for you.

How do we get an Exemption? 

If bringing your robot yourself to the event presents your team with a substantial hardship – for example, if your team needs to travel a great distance or cross an ocean to get to your event - you may request an exemption by emailing  Include as much detail as you can in your request as to why an Exemption is required and use the subject line: Bag and Tag Exemption Request, Team XXXX, with your team number in place of “XXXX”. NOTE:  Exemption requests must be submitted by Friday, December 7, 2012. 

Register for your event first, then apply for the Exemption.  Do not wait for exemption approval from FIRST HQ before registering for events.  Exemption requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  Not all Exemption requests will be approved. 

The requirement to get an approved Exemption for robot shipping applies only to teams wishing to use the FedEx shipping donation and venue pickup/delivery services as coordinated by FIRST HQ. Teams may otherwise use any transportation method they wish for their robot, at their own risk and expense, as long as the robot remains sealed in the bag and teams do not ship directly to the venue. However, unless a team has received an Exemption approval, the final leg of the robot’s journey - arrival at the venue and delivery to the team pit -  must be done by hand by the team.

In cases in which an exemption is granted, FIRST HQ will establish a robot storage/drayage location near the event site and arrange for venue pickup/delivery.  Teams granted an Exemption will ship their robots to a predetermined robot drayage/storage facility under the FedEx donation and FIRST HQ will provide shipping instructions to approved teams with a date to ship to ensure that the robot arrives at its destination in time for the event. 

NOTE:  Even if you have been granted an Exemption and/or are going to the Championship, you will still need to “Bag and Tag” your robot within your shipping crate and you may NOT open the bag until an onsite inspector has approved you to do so.

More details, including Championship shipping instructions, will be provided in the 2013 FRC Administrative Manual which will be posted in October.


Positions in FRC

We just posted two full-time positions within FRC, based in Manchester, NH.  One opening is for a Senior Electrical Engineer (/aboutus/employment/senior-electrical-engineer%20) the other is for a Program Coordinator ( .  If you know anyone who is interested and qualified, please encourage them to apply.


I’ll blog again soon.

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