FRC Blogged - Team Counts, Kit of Parts Drive Train Reminder, Kickoff Registration, and I’m a Real Person

Sep 28, 2012 Written by FIRST Staff

Team Counts

As of midnight last night, we had 1,289 FRC teams registered or waitlisted for events, up from 959 at midnight the first day of initial event registration last season.  That’s a 34% increase.  Is this the start of a trend?  We’ll see.  Also, our first rookie team number this year is 4450.  If you’re at an event, and see a team number equal to or greater than that number, it’s rookie team.  Go up and say hi!


Kit of Parts Drive System Reminder

Remember that veteran teams will have an option regarding their KoP Drive System for the 2013 season.   Option selection must be made in TIMS between 10/1 and 10/18.  More details here: /roboticsprograms/frc/blog-09-07-12


Kickoff Registration

Kickoff Registration goes live in TIMS at Noon EST, Thursday, 10/4


I’m a Real Person

I’ve seen some of the chatter on Chief Delphi.  To the best of my knowledge*, I’m a real person.



I’ll blog again soon.


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