FRC Blogged - FRC Administrative Manual, Award Notes, KoP Early Ordering, and New York City Regional Dates Shift

Dec 03, 2012 Written by FIRST Staff

FRC Administrative Manual

The FRC Administrative Manual is now live!  You can find it here:  /

Award Notes

Some of you have been asking for details on the new Digital Media Award.  You will find the criteria for the award listed in Section 6 of the 2013 FRC Administrative Manual.  Note that this is a Championship-only award for this pilot year of this new award.  We may expand the scope of this award for the 2014 season, depending on our experience in 2013.  We don’t yet have a submission process in place, but you can be sure the submission process will require you to submit a portfolio of your media work, at minimum.  We will update the manual as we finalize the details. 

Also, the Team Spirit Award, sponsored by Chrysler, will be presented during the first day of awards, rather than the second day of awards as we have traditionally done.  We are trying to bring greater balance between the number of awards presented during each ceremony.  Teams winning the Team Spirit Award will be asked to show some of their extraordinary spirit the next day by leading the crowd in a dance, cheer, or other activity during a break in the action.  If you win the award and are at a loss for what to do with the crowd, DON’T PANIC!  Our MC’s will be specially trained this year to help you make this a great experience for everyone involved!


KoP Early Ordering

Don’t forget, early ordering for KoP items opens December 10th at Noon EST.  You can find more details here:

New York City Regional Dates Shift


For folks attending the New York City Regional, please note that the dates for that event have shifted.  The new dates for the event are Wednesday, March 6, 2013 – Saturday, March 9, 2013, rather than Thursday, March 7 – Sunday, March 10, 2013.  Note that this actually brings the New York City event in line with most traditional FRC events, by running Wednesday through Saturday.  For several years, the New York City event has run a Thursday – Sunday schedule. 

This schedule change is a direct result of New York City’s attempt to recover from the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy.  Events are being rescheduled to try to make up for time lost during the hurricane and the recovery efforts.


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