2014 FIRST Championship – Preliminary Changes to FRC Agenda

Jan 27, 2014 Written by FIRST Staff

As many of you know, we’re planning to schedule 10 matches for each FRC team at the 2014 FIRST Championship. To do this, we need to extend the qualification match time available.

To support extended match time, we need to make some changes to our traditional agenda. The changes below are preliminary, but are likely to be very close to the final changes we make, and are firm enough for you to incorporate in your initial planning:

    • Pits will open at 3PM for load-in on Wednesday, April 23
    • From 3PM-5PM, only 5 representatives from each team will be allowed in the pits to start pit setup, uncrate robots, and start inspections. This two hour period will give us time to start clearing crates while the pits are relatively uncrowded
    • Inspections will start right after 3PM, as soon as teams are ready
    • At 5PM, pits will be fully open to all team members
    • Teams will get their practice matches in Wednesday evening, rather than Thursday morning as they have the last few years
    • Qualification matches will start early Thursday morning, April 24

As more details are nailed down, I will share them.