2015 Control System and Kit of Parts Survey

May 09, 2014 Written by FIRST Staff

Please see the blog post below for important information from our Kit of Parts team, Kate & Collin:

2015 FRC Control System

One of the exciting parts of the 2014 FIRST Championship was the ability to show off the new hardware components that will make up the 2015 FRC Control System. Members of the CS Team from FIRST, National Instruments, Cross the Road Electronics, and WPI also had the opportunity to take questions from the audience at two 2015 Control System presentations.

2015 CS Layout

2015 FRC Control System Layout

This graphic shows the basic layout of the 2015 FRC Control System. The roboRIO from NI replaces the cRIO, Analog Breakout, and Digital Sidecar. More specs on it can be found here. The Power Distribution Panel (PDP) is from Cross the Road Electronics and replaces the Power Distribution Board used from 2009-2014. The Pneumatic Control Module (PCM) is also from CTRE and replaces the Solenoid Breakout and Spike Relay required to drive the compressor. The PCM connects to the PDP via CAN. The PDP can connect to the roboRIO via CAN to allow current monitoring on each channel. The final new component is the Voltage Regulator Module (VRM), also from CTRE. This component allows access to different voltages to supply power to custom circuits, cameras, sensors, etc.

A chart comparing the 2014 and 2015 FRC Control Systems can be found here.

We’re looking for a wide variety of teams to help us test and develop, and test and develop, and test and develop the 2015 CS. Beta testing will run July through November 2014. Each beta test team will be loaned 2015 hardware to complete the testing. To apply to be a beta test team, please fill out the survey here. The deadline for filling out the application is May 30.

2014 KOP Survey

We’re interested in your feedback on the 2014 FRC Kit of Parts. This feedback is instrumental in pointing us in the direction of new parts for potential inclusion in the 2015 KOP. Last year, more than 1400 people filled out the KOP Survey. This feedback is sent to Suppliers to help them make the best use of their donation. Please have one student and one mentor fill out the 2014 KOP Survey here.

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