FIRST Choice Issue, Part II

Dec 10, 2012 Written by FIRST Staff

FIRST Choice Issue, Part II

I apologize once again to teams that experienced issues with FIRST Choice today. 

Teams with team numbers less than 1000 experienced issues logging on to the system when it opened.  This was corrected fairly quickly, but AndyMark later discovered an issue with their inventory management system that made it appear as if certain items were in stock when the stock had actually been depleted.  The system was tested before being put in use, but the tests did not include team numbers under 1000 or placing orders at the rate actually experienced when the system went live at Noon today.  Our lesson here can be useful to all:  test systems under a wide variety of circumstances, and test them hard!

FIRST Choice will reopen at Noon EST, Tuesday, 12/11.  Teams that ordered items that were actually out of stock will have their credits refunded to their accounts for those items.  All existing orders will be adjusted by 8AM EST Tuesday, and  AndyMark will be emailing all of the teams with orders which had to be changed due to this system issue by that time as well.  This email will clarify what is actually on their team's FIRST Choice order.  Teams will also be able to go in to their AndyMark order themselves at that time to see which items will be fulfilled.

Thanks for your patience as we work through these issues.


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