FIRST Choice Opening and FRC Manual Apps

Dec 10, 2012 Written by FIRST Staff

FIRST Choice Opening

We’re very excited that FIRST Choice and select PDV’s open for ordering today at noon - check October 25th’s blog ( for the original announcement. FIRST Choice password and Voucher codes will be in TIMS for all registered and paid teams at that time.

Special and extra thanks to the team at AndyMark for continuing to host FIRST Choice for free as an in-kind donation to FIRST, no small feat! They continue to be a valuable partner as we grow the FIRST Choice program.

One additional note: Teams will receive 100 credits now and 100 more credits at Kickoff.

The 2013 Kit of Parts website (/robotics/frc) is now posted and will be updated with more information at Kickoff. You can also see the differences between the Rookie and Veteran Kickoff Kits here:  This will help you make decisions on FIRST Choice and Voucher parts.

FRC Manual Apps

Android, iPhone, and iPad apps for the FRC Manual are now available in their respective apps stores.  Check them out, they’re pretty sweet.  The official apps for this year are by Enable Education.

I’ll blog again soon.


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