Gracious Professionalism and Coopertition

Mar 06, 2014 Written by FIRST Staff

I read a great story on Chief Delphi a few days ago.

At the Auburn Mountainview District event last weekend, Teams 2557, SOTABots, 3393, Horns of Havoc, and 4772, Optimistic Skyz were partnered on the red alliance in the final matches. The matches were tied, one win each for red and blue. With the final, deciding match coming up, these teams saw that the blue alliance needed more time to be prepared. At that point they did something remarkable – they called a time out. To be clear, they used their own time out to give their opponents the time they needed to be ready for the match. With the extra time, the blue alliance completed their preparations, and went on to win the event. While no one can say for certain what the outcome of that final match would have been without that time out, the red alliance’s selfless act likely contributed to their loss. 

When I talk about FIRST values, I often say that every FRC Team wants to win, but they want to win by doing their best against other teams that are also doing their best. And for other teams to do their best, sometimes they need a little help.

Thanks, Team 2557, 3393, and 4772, for showing us the way. You’re setting the standard.

I love stories like this, and want to hear more. Got a great story that happened this season showcasing FIRST Values? Send the story to with ‘GP Story’ somewhere in the subject line. They’ll send it to me, and we might blog about a few more over the season.


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