Kickoff Broadcast and Game Hint Redux

Dec 30, 2013 Written by FIRST Staff

Watching the Kickoff Broadcast

If you’re not attending a local Kickoff and want to watch the broadcast, it can be found at The stream may be up and down for the next week or so as various formats and options are tested.  You can click on the "Webcast Flash Backup Stream" if you get a "Playlist could not be loaded" error from the Primary Stream.  NASA is currently streaming the NASA-TV Education satellite feed to that encoder.

2014 Game Hint Redux

I’ve been checking in on the posts on Chief Delphi about the hint we released a few weeks ago.

You may want to take a look at the ‘Frank Answers Fridays’ post that included some information about game hints here ( The reason I said ‘we don’t spend too much time on this’ is because we don’t spend too much time on this. Some folks on the GDC honestly thought the hint this year was going to be too easy. Admittedly, we made a few tweaks to the hint after those statements were made, but I didn’t think the tweaks obscured things excessively. I must have been wrong about that.

We did, however, on double checking, find that the first set of numbers in the hint contained a potential error, or at least data we can't verify at this point. We aren’t saying it’s wrong, we’re just not 100% sure it’s right. So maybe we should have spent a little more time on this one! Sorry about that. As compensation, we're replacing that set of numbers with a new set that should get you to the same answer. We've also reformatted some of the numbers to hopefully make them a little more familiar. Here's the updated hint:

61474:135, 12661:1963, 32662:15806

From what I've seen on CD, folks are trying far too hard on this.  Once you get the answer, it will be so obvious I expect some reactions like this*:


*Doctor Who is not a hint.  I just happen to enjoy the show. 

[Please don’t take my saying Doctor Who is not a hint to mean it really is a hint.  It’s really not a hint]

[[Please don’t take my saying Doctor Who really is not a hint to mean it really really is a hint.  It’s really really not a hint]]


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