New FRC Standard District Points Ranking System: 2014

Oct 31, 2013 Written by FIRST Staff

As some of you are aware, we have had a team working on developing a standard points ranking system for use in all four of the Districts we will have in 2014.  Members of the team in addition to me included:

    • Jessica Boucher – New England District Representative, FRC Chief Volunteer Coordinator, Team 237 “Black Magic” Student Alumna
    • Patrick Felty – Regional Director for Central and South Texas (Alamo Region)
    • Chris Fultz – Woodie Flowers Award Winner,  Team 234 “Cyber Blue” Mentor
    • Jon Jack – Chairman’s Award winning Team 1538 “The Holy Cows” Mentor, Woodie Flowers Finalist Award Winner
    • Ed Petrillo – Mid-Atlantic Robotics District Representative, Woodie Flowers Finalist Award Winner, Team 293 “S.P.I.K.E.” Mentor
    • Kevin Ross – Pacific Northwest District Representative, Founder of Washington FIRST Robotics, Woodie Flowers Finalist Award Winner, Team 4089 “Stealth Robotics” Mentor
    • Jim Zondag – Michigan District Representative, Woodie Flowers Finalist Award Winner, Team 33 “Killer Bees” Mentor

I want to thank this team for the many hours of work they’ve put in over the last few months to develop this new system.  Our discussions weren’t always easy; but they were always honest, and every team member came to the table with the intention to work together to develop the best possible system for FRC.  It was a wonderful experience – individuals with sometimes strongly differing views listening carefully to each other and eventually coming to consensus – a great example of Gracious Professionalism in action.

While this system will be used by all Districts in 2014, it is not set in stone.  Our intention is to periodically review the system, making improvements for later years as we see the need.  It’s our additional intent that every year, all Districts will use the standard points ranking system that is in place for that year.  This will help facilitate the potential introduction of inter-District play, which we intend to develop for the 2015 season.

You may find the details of the system, along with some explanation of the various components, here.

I recognize this system may generate some feedback.  Please put your comments below, or if you prefer, you may email them to .  If we get a sufficient number of common questions or comments, We’ll address them at a later time.

I’ll blog again soon.


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